ordering of packages for a "zypper dup" by group ?

I am used to upgrading from one version of opensuse to another with zypper dup (already did that with a 11.0 → 11.1 after first upgrading zypper).
I recently did that for 11.2 M6 → M7.
This time I had an internet connection failure during the dist upgrade. I tried to do again zypper dup but there was a Pb with librpm due to inconsistencies between versions of different packages, so that I have had to get some packages by hand on the download.opensuse.org site and force their installation by an rpm -ivh --force after, to be able to resume the zypper dup.

After this long intro, my question (or suggestion) is :
why not order the packages in a zypper dup by groups of packages, so that for example all the base packages would all be updated first, then those for X11, KDE and/or gnome, etc… ?
Looking at the order at which the packages were downloaded and installed this time and previous times, I could not figure out the systematic for the order, since packages concerning the same sub-system (e.g. yast) were really not consecutive !..

Hi, did you have problem with zypper dup beside the fact that are you saying,did you have problem with the login (eg:like broking pam login user)?also you had problem with grub failed to load.thanks.

No, I never had such troubles though I used zypper dup several times and on several machines. Sorry I cannot help you.