order of btrfsmaintenance scripts

I’ve disabled the btrfsmaintenance cron jobs
and manually run btrfs-trim, btrfs-balance and btrfs-scrub in

Is there any reason to run one before the others?
Is a specific order beneficial in some way?

The btrfs-balance can be run anytime, the other two I would only use once per month…

It’s a new month and I will run all of them,
hence my question.

If I were to choose, balance, scrub, then trim.

Thanks again.
What is your reasoning for that order?

Clean up space (balance), verify and check (scrub), then final clean up on the disk with fstrim…

After further research and contemplation, I’m inclined toward: scrub, trim, and then balance.

Scrub first, because we want to know about and deal with corruption ASAP.
Trim second, because it optimizes writing.
Balance third, because it can perform (re)writing.

That said, I don’t use the btrfsmaintenance scripts, now that I understand what they are equivalent to.