Oracle start charging for Sun's Office ODF plug-in

So this makes people who want to pass documents to have to rely on MS Office format unless they want to pony-up the cash?

Oracle start charging for Sun’s Office ODF plug-in](
In 2007, Sun released the Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office, as a closed source but free application which allowed Microsoft Office users to export and import documents in Open Document Format. Although the Oracle site still, at the time of writing, offers the software for free with the tagline “Get it now: FREE”, users clicking through will find that Oracle are now charging $90, per user, for a right-to-use license for the plug-in and offering support costing $19.80 per user for the first year. Oracle also requires a minimum order of 100 licenses, which means the minimum purchase is $9,000.

They may just be testing the waters. Oracle’s business model isn’t much different than Microsoft’s, however, and their venture into OSS seems like a strange marriage.

> So this makes people who want to pass documents to have to rely on MS
> Office format unless they want to pony-up the cash?

Or, MS users will insist on documents sent to them to be MS readable format,
which honestly is the defacto standard still OR companies will switch to
OpenOffice to leverage the awesomeness of .odf (uh huh that’ll happen).
There is genius in the move, if I wan’t MS and ODF I can simply use
OpenOffice and as it just happens, I’m sure support contract from Oracle for
Oo costs the same as the MS .odf plugin…

I’m sure the shenangians have only just begun with Oracle’s stewardship of
the Sun/mySQL/OpenOffice products, but then again, Oracle actually makes
money which is something Sun never really figured out. Can’t blame Larry for

It does make sense for large corporations running Office Professional (pre-2007) since the upgrade price is close to $300 for Office Pro.

Office 2007 can be saved as ODF/ODT, but previous versions I don’t think are able to. Then there is the version difference.

No, this is a stupid move by Oracle, here we are the open source advocates trying to make ODF a standard even to something as un open source as Microsoft and here is Oracle with its idea to charge for a format that really should not have a price on it.
Forks will be served, maybe even a fork of open office is in order too to make sure oracle doesnt charge for that.
Being a supporter of the open source movement this is a step backwards, I knew Oracle would do something foolish here and like most moron corporations it proved me right.
Another reason to why I wish it was IBM that got sun, sure IBM is not perfect either but they have far more respect for the open source business model then Oracle.
This has to work in both ways, the open source community might want to take oracle up to make a open source app that converts ODF to one of the microsoft formats.
Open source is the sharing of ideas, even with your worst enemies.