oracle libstdc++33

Trying to install Oracle on Suse11 almost there but have run into issue installing libstdc++33 when I try to run
zypper install libstdc++33
Reading installed packages…
‘libstdc++33’ not found.
Nothing to do.

I am a newbie to linux but found following command
zypper se -i gcc
Reading installed packages…

S | Name | Summary | Type
i | gcc | The system GNU C Compiler | package
i | gcc-c++ | The system GNU C++ Compiler | package
i | gcc-info | The system GNU Compiler documentation | package
i | gcc43 | The GNU C Compiler and Support Files | package
i | gcc43-32bit | The GNU C Compiler 32bit support | package
i | gcc43-c++ | The GNU C++ Compiler | package
i | gcc43-info | Documentation for the GNU compiler collection | package
i | libgcc43 | C compiler runtime library | package
i | libgcc43-32bit | C compiler runtime library | package

Not sure but looks like I may have a newer version of complier

Oracle fails while running under this version can I point to a older repository?
If so what url should I point to.
If not what can I do to get libstdc++33 installed or get back to that version of gcc

Thanks in advance

If you were indeed running 11.0 and not 11.1, if you’re running 11.1, adjust the top search bar.

For some reason the copy paste mangled the URL, here’s the working one (of course if we didn’t have that stupid edit rule, I could’ve just fixed that after I noticed it but … )