Oracle admits bug in Windows 11 guest additions 7.0.4 - fix is here

If your Windows 11 guest locks up in 7.0.4 it is a 7.0.4 guest additions bug.
TO get past this:

  1. open control panel and select programs and feature
  2. uninstall oracle guest additions 7.0.4
  3. screen may go bad - this is normal wait about 90 seconds and then reset the Windows 11 VM.
  4. download 6.1.40 guest additions if they are not on the Device > Optical Drive menu
  5. insert the 6.1.40 image onto the optical drive and quickly set the install - you may have to unmount and remount the cd to click on it - remember the right ctrl key get you out of the VM.
  6. Install and reboot.
  7. you should have a stable windows 11.