OQO model 2 and SUSE

Has anyone gotten openSUSE to work on an OQO. I only have command line. I know there is a working Ubuntu release, but I like SUSE. Better documentation for a beginner like me who doesn’t plan to go beyond being a user who wants to learn command line well enough to tweak the build, but not write too much code unless it is using a script or two from a forum. Basically I just want SUSe to work on my OQO. I have command line and I can use vi to edit files.

I have an AMD phenom box that I put together with an AMD 790GX MOBO that I am going to use as my teaching computer for OpenSUSE. Then I am going to use the OQO to test my knowledge of hardware set up in Linux mainly Open SUSE, but also Ubuntu. I have looked at the books that are out there and they are kind of week as far as the ins and outs of hardware troubleshooting and configuration. Is there a good book to read that give me a good education about how linux handles hardware configuration even at the kernel level. I really like Linux, though I am not that married to the philosophy of OpenSource and Proprietary free. I believe that what makes the computer work it’s best is best for all in the long run even if it takes ATI Catalyst and proprietary Codices. So I would like a resource that isint squeamish or snooty about these things. I am planning to make perfecting the set up of linux on whatever hardware a hobby, so give me some good suggestions of where to start. I am new and have not used command line since college, but I am scientifically and technologically literate, so I don’t need for dummies type stuff, but I do like a good walk through and practical example rather than a list of commands to run. I hope you can help.

Simply pass: vga=0x311 when booting the install CD to properly get the framebuffer to work. Then use the techniques from OQOTalk to get 800x480 res and hte rest of the hardware working.