options for zypper up

I was about to do an update on the five computers on my network. My usual procedure is to check this site for possible problems before doing so, and then open 5 instances of konsole, ssh into the 4 devices on my network and issue su - on all devices. then issue zypper up and sit back and smile as I watch my whole network become up to date in only a few minutes!


I notice tonight that many have had problems with the latest version of firefox. I would rather wait for a fix before installing this version


I looked in the man page for a way to tell zypper to NOT install firefox but could not find it. Something like

zypper up --do-not-install firefox

I searched this forum and came up empty handed.

How do I do this?

zypper al firefox

I concentated on the up command. Never looked closely at locks. “al” it is! Thanks!