Option to edit your post not there when it should be

Normally, for 10 minutes after you make a post in the forum here, there is supposed to be an edit button at the bottom of your post next to the Quote and Reply buttons. However, even though I have not modified the forum skin, often this button does not appear at the bottom of my posts, even within 10 minutes of posting it. This is annoying if I ever notice something else I wanted to say, make a correction or whatever and can only double-post.

Has anyone else experienced this?

It’s not enabled for all forums - at least the news section does not have it.

Does the Edit button show up in one skin, and not another? As Chrysantine noted, not all forums are read/write, so be sure to use one you know members post in regularly for testing.

The last time I posted I was using the default skin. I wanted to edit my post but could not find the edit button.

The last time I posted I was using the default skin. I wanted to edit my post but could not find the edit button.

It’s at the bottom right of the message, just left of the QUOTE button in the default skin. Be aware some forums allow editing and some don’t. This one does.

This is a test of the edit feature…this is an unedited post.

And this is text added using the edit button

That was me using a generic test user account. The edit feature works. Try it again and see if it doesn’t work for you.

Sorry I wasn’t clear with my statement. I know where the edit button’s location, I used it many times for ya know spelling errors. I just realize that maybe, the surveys/polls section does not have the edit feature. All the forums should have at least the edit feature for the purpose of correcting spelling and perhaps right grammar and composition to make the post clear to readers.:eek:

The surveys/polls forum doesn’t have the edit function enabled for a good reason as the following example shows:

SURVEY: Do you participate in other online communities?
Answer: Yes!
Answer: Definitely!
Answer: Only when I get what I need out of it
EDIT OF ORIGINAL SURVEY: Do you participate in child porn?

:eek:I hear ya:)

It’s an extreme example, but changing the questions, even a little, can invalidate the answers. Even one subtle word or punctuation change can change the understanding of a question.

It’s simple. Allow edits to the message, but not edits to the poll message and data. Most polls seems pointless anyway though.

As far as I can tell, they can’t be separated. I’ve been wrong a couple of times before in my life though…

Most polls seems pointless anyway though.

LOL! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. :slight_smile: