Option fo OpenSuse boot missing

I have Winbdows XP and OpenSuse installed on my notebook, and I tried to install Fedora 10 in another partition, but now what I get on boot options on Grub is only Fedora and Windows, is there a chance that I can fix it and boot OpenSuse again? I have not erased any partition.

You should be able to fix it with the openSUSE dvd.
Boot with it and choose repair. It will detect your windows partition and hopefully Fedora though i’m not 100%


When you “tried to install” Fedora you apparently got far enough for Fedora to install its own copy of grub to the MBR. You must still have the boot control files on the Fedora partition, or the system would not boot at all.

Boot from the openSUSE DVD and go into Expert mode in the Boot Loader section. Under the first tab check the sections to make sure that openSUSE and Windows are listed; if not, click Other, click Propose New Configuration and re-check; should be there. The go to Boot Loader Installation tab, Boot Loader Location, and make sure that “Boot from Master Boot Record” is checked. While there also check “Boot from Root Partition”; you won’t use this now but it could come in handy later and it is harmless to add it. Now click OK and Finish. Cross-fingers and reboot.