Optimizing Firefox 3.5??

How can I speed this rascal up? Firefox 3.0xx flew compared to 3.5. In particular, the latest version of Firefox essentially “hangs” (i.e., I lose control with the mouse) while it loads a lengthy page. When I play a Flash video and then close that window, my other windows take up to 5 seconds to become responsive again.

I know that the “safe browsing” feature costs a little bit as far as performance. But I’ve been surprised at how much slower 3.5 is.

One thing – I happened to run Wireshark on a browse session tonight and was intrigued to see that Firefox basically did a DNS on everything that I’d browsed in the past few hours. In other words: I opened one session, checked some news and weather, then closed Firefox and did some other things. When I reopened Firefox a while later, it re-did the DNS queries (with Google safe browsing checks on each!) on all of the news and weather sites that I’d browsed earlier, even though I hadn’t requested them on this new session! Any way to turn that off???

Thanks for any suggestions.

Try this!
I have almost switched to Chromium (Google’s Chrome’s clone).

  • smpoole7,

two ideas:
-disable IPV6 in Firefox (or in general)

-start with a fresh ~/.mozilla folder, i.e., rename the old one and restart firefox


… I’ve long since done that one … …

-start with a fresh ~/.mozilla folder, i.e., rename the old one and restart firefox

OK, and “duh.” I didn’t think of that one. I’ll try that, thanks. I’ve been copying/moving the same .mozilla folder into new installations since 10.3 … so that MIGHT have something to do with it … … .:slight_smile:


I think I’ll give it another spin. I tried it a while back under Winders and was intrigued, but basically have forgotten it since then. Thanks.