Optimising my LINUX KDE 4.3 (11.2 & 1)

Hi Guys,

I really like the RC for 11.2. Still using 11.1 as my base until tomorrow when I try to pull down the same package as everyone else really slowly (might try a torrent if there are enough guys with it already).

The thing is, I use fedora at the office. FC11 boots really nicely. 20-30 seconds (including login) on an old P4. see the specs in my signature.

How and what should I disable in KDE to reduce the work load during boot up. Also, will I loose certain features that can become a pain when I have to start them up manually? BTW, its on a newer machine. Currently, it takes a good 2 minutes to 3 minutes to boot. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t stand it. Reminded my of my old win98 box with 64MB of ram on a pretty impressive PII 400MHz.

Any links or guides? any things to look out for?