Opinions on KVM versus Xen in OpenSuSE

Hello all,

I am putting together a server for hosting multiple Linux instances and am
looking for opinions on the future direction openSuSE may take regarding
support for Xen vs KVM. As I conduct research on the topic it seems that
Xen has fallen out of favor, I’m guessing due to commercial entanglements,
and possibly usability issues. My concern is that one or the other will
drop by the wayside or not be supported for this or that philosophical
reason. I can’t see OpenSuSE supporting two kernel level virtualization
products in perpetuity, I’m assuming the best product will win in the end
but I don’t want to be caught as collateral damage in a war in which I am
the innocent bystander. I’ve already gotten caught by the VMware Server
versus ESXi departure which is the reason I am looking at these open source

Just looking for some input as to whether Xen or KVM is likely to have legs
on OpenSuSE. It sounds like writing is on the wall for Xen, but it sure
seems well supported by OpenSuSE…so the question is will this end up a
SuSE vs RedHat commercial war at the VM level in which OpenSuSE gets

KVM doesn’t require a special kernel but doesn’t support para-virtualization - meaning it doesn’t work on all types of CPUs, but you’re not intended to use a laptop as a server, do you? I use kvm on openSUSE, Fedora and others. It’s the easiest, IMHO.