OpeSuse installation

I am a MS-Window user. I want to get into the Linux world and trying to install openSuse 11.3 on a separate partition, so I can start getting familiar with it.
Installation started and PREPARATION was OK. INSTALLATION WAS OK. While doing Automatic Configuration after a little while the program stops (it hangs). I have to restart the computers by pushing the hdw reset button. At next reboot, at the partition menu I choose openSUSE option; the program starts and after a while it says that previous installation failed and ask me if I want to retry. I do choose yes, but than again same thing happens - hangs and does not complete automatic configration (which by the way seems to be the last step of the installation).
Can anyone help on this?
Thanks for your support.
PC is a 2,8GHz, 1GB RAM, Windows OS XPHome and Service PAck3, and now partially loaded openSUSE11.3. OS

So if you want to know what I would do is to download and burn a copy of the KDE LiveCD. I would boot from the CD and see if openSUSE will load / startup and run. If it does, I might run a fdisk -l command or perhaps the Partitioner to see what kind of partitions you have now. Here is the link where you can find a live CD.

software.opensuse.org: Download openSUSE 11.3

If you get to run openSUSE, I would open up the YaST / Partitioner and check out your partition setup on your Windows disk and tell us what you have there now. If the LiveCD will not run, then you may be unable to get openSUSE to work on your computer. Tell us the size, number of partitions, Partition types and anything you can tell us about your hard disk setup.

Thank You,

Thanks a lot for your support. Unfortunately I have burned a copy of KDE LiveCD, but it wont boot. WHile booting from CD, after the option screen where I choose to run the KDE live, it does load something for a while than the screen gets dark and nothing else happens. It seems like, you said, I am unable to get openSUSE to work. Do you think it is a limitation of my PC? Anything else I can do? Will it still be useful to get partition information r what?
Thanks again.

Can you boot another distro live CD (like for example Ubuntu) or PartedMagic (it is Linux) ?
Also I noticed you have 1 GB of RAM. It’s ok but you might need a swap partition for the installation … and I wouldn’t advise to use KDE.