Opertibg system not found, need help!

I just got rid of Suse with gnome to try out kde but when I boot I got "operating system not found. I need to do some stuff on my windows partition but I can’t get to it, help needed urgently!



From my own research on the matter, one of the reasons this can happen is if there are two partitions that are marked as active.

Could you boot up a livecd of openSUSE and then open up a terminal and then type:



fdisk -l

and provide us with the output of fdisk -l

This will tell us if two active partitions is the problem.

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After reading over your post again I’m also curious as to how you “just removed” openSUSE. If you just deleted the partitions then no wonder you can’t boot! If this is the case you could try restoring the mbr with your windows disc.

Boot up using the Windows dvd (or cd if it’s an old version of xp) then choose the recovery option.

Try using these commands:




then type


then hit enter to restart and you SHOULD be back into booting up with windows.

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Ian, I probably should have put this in the original post. Yes foolishly I formatted the partition with suse on it through disk management windows. I have no windows disk as it was bundled with the laptop. Any solution to my rooky error would be great!


Well, go ahead and install openSUSE again with KDE as you were intending to do and you’ll be able to boot up to windows again.

Otherwise, if you have vista, this thread has a link to a vista boot disc you can download yourself:

11.1 and Vista SP2 - openSUSE Forums

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Ok I’ve seen the solution there before, but I cant get a torrent client on the live cd. But I’ll try the live install

Ktorrent is the native torrent client for KDE. But, nonetheless, go ahead and proceed with the live-install and post back if you can get into windows.

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having my initial trouble where I can’t partition or I’ll delete my windows fs, which I am not prepared to do. And to partition I need vista so… Can the live cd work without the cd being in the drive in which case I can try and brun the iso from there.


As far as I know the livecd cannot work without the cd. You can try using unetbootin to make a live-usb while you’re in the livecd. You would need syslinux and unetbootin which you can get here:


and here:


So install syslinux first then unetbootin. Download the .iso and then use unetbootin to put the iso on the usb stick.

Unetbootin will be installed to /usr/sbin/unetbootin

so you can open a terminal and type that in to use it.

You can then boot and install from the usb stick.

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The answer was in front of my face. I figured that it was trying to load from grub even though because I formatted there was no such thing. So I went to the gnome live CD and reinstalled grub and flagged windows as default and with a restart I’m now on windows. But thankyou all sooo much for your help, its always nice to feel that people care for your problems.

I fear that this will be my last SUSE forum post as I am going back to ubuntu where I feel more comfortable.

So long, Tie