opera will not launch

Hi Guys, I occasionally have a problem launching opera. This has happened several times and it somehow fixes itself and I wondered if it was something to do with updates. At the moment, opera will not launch. Typing opera in the terminal gives me the msg “illegal instruction”. Same with usr/bin/opera. I am up to date with updates. I did notice an opera one go through recently.

I am running suse 11 with kde 3.5.

I remembered how I got Opera running last time it did not want to launch. I booted in safe mode and it launched ok. Then I booted in normal mode and it still launched ok.

Anyone any idea why this is happening?

Just a note in case it is relevant, I originally installed suse with kde4, and then installed kde3.5 when I found kde4 was not practical for everyday use. Can having both installed cause a problem like this?