Opera - what do you think?

i wonder how many of you use opera for you browsing and perhaps emailing.

Currently i installed 10.61 and it works fine, but i noticed (that might be a opera problem) that it does not display the menu on this forum correctly (the java menu at the top).

Personally i like the browser (besides the problem) but i am just testing right now and try to get accustomed to opera.

yester64 wrote:

> Hi,
> i wonder how many of you use opera for you browsing and perhaps
> emailing.
I use opera on one machine (my netbook), I used it there also for email but
then switched the email to thunderbird.
Everywhere else I use firefox as browser.
The reason for opera, it runs much more smooth and fast on this weak
netbook, firefox behaves slugish and I noticed visual artefacts in some web
pages which do not exist in opera.

Opera appears to be quick, but it also seems to ignore most of the KDE settings for no apparent reason, which makes it appear as if it were cobbled together from a scrap heap.

I’ve been using Opera as my default net browser since version 9 and find it faster and simpler that Firefox. However I don’t use it for E-mail, preferring Thunderbird.

Opera does boast itself on being one of the few browsers to pass the acid3 test, and I like to use it on flash websites that Firefox doesn’t like.
But the only things I see that’s been holding back Opera is it doesn’t seem to have the add-on power like other browsers and on Linux they need to spend more time on it, as it has a tenancy to crash every once and awhile.

I’m using Opera since version 9.50 beta and now I’m running latest 10.61. It’s the best browser ever made! :slight_smile:

does opera have problem with anyone else on some website menues?
Mine does not show the menu like it supposed to be. More like crunched together.
Can not upload a picture of it, but its like on this forum the top menu with java (i believe).
Or is it just a setting that i have to set?

Email is ok with Opera, but it works very different. Tagging is not everyones cup of tea, but i works.
Personally, app are ok, but not essential really. I have only 4 apps running like no script.

yester64 wrote:

> question.
> does opera have problem with anyone else on some website menues?
> Mine does not show the menu like it supposed to be. More like crunched
> together.

Try to press [ctrl]+[F11] this toggles between fit-to-width mode and normal
mode. Sometimes one of them has some effect like this.

Did the trick. Amazin… so simple… :slight_smile: Will remember, thanks:)

Ha, we all go to the Opera. Have paid 36 dutch guilders to get rid of the advertisement ribbon the free version came with. I think it was Opera 4. Used it ever since for both browsing and mail. IMHO Opera’s mailclient is without comparison, over 30.000 messages from 30 accounts, still fast as lightning.

I too have been a long time Opera user. Yeah the ads were great.

Using 10.61 now and it has some issues but its over all its still the best IMO.

Chrome loads so much faster then Opera and Firefox it will most likely edge them out for most folks. Me I will wait for Opera to load until the others can add features like “Paste and Go” which I just can’t stand not having.

The kde key conflicts get a little annoying but…

Opera - what do you think?

I use open source and free software (if I have choice) :wink:


I would not want to use a closed source app for something critical as browsing.

On the other hand I apreciate the innovative ideas that were introduced by the Opera-team.

I tried using Opera 10.5x when it was beta on openSUSE 11.1. Sadly nothing worked correctly for me and I still haven’t gotten rid of some traces.

I just can’t get used to the email system. Perhaps because i am so used to folders, but Opera manages them very differently. Not saying that it is bad, just different.

Been a big opera fan ever since version 5 or something, but the latest releases are barely usable for me. That’s not so much Opera’s fault, it’s still an excellent browser IMHO, but nobody out on the web supporting / testing it. Instead of racing for the fastest Javascript benchmarks, IMHO Opera should switch to Webkit or Gecko and concentrate on what they’re really good at: Developing cool new features AROUND simple browsing. And they should find a way of creating a decent interface for AddOns SOON, or even better support Chrome extensions (Chrome extensions being Javascript based that should not be so much of an issue).

I remember using Opera free version until soon they removed the purchased one and just made it free overall.

I haven’t used it since like last year but I will recheck it out again.

The biggest problem is that it is not supported on every site. So you can’t really use it as your single default browser.

I’ve fooled around with it a few times, as my 2nd browser (helpful, in case something breaks Firefox :wink: ) but recently switched to Chromium.

I’ve found Chromium and Opera to be pretty good, but when something doesn’t work right I switch to Firefox and 99.9% of the time it works alright there. So instead of having to switch back-and-forth, I just use Firefox, though on my laptop (12" screen) Chromium takes up less space, which is a premium.

I could have used Opera a while ago, when a friend of mine sent me to a page listing a bunch of pictures from his Paris trip and I had to go one-at-a-time. I would have loved to have Opera’s next image feature.

Personally I don’t understand how they can advertise it as being the fastest. I think that is what I read when I downloaded to test java on my computer. It takes eons for it to start up on my computer. Over the time it takes Opera to start I can have 5 webpages open in Google Chrome…it looks nice though… =oP