Opera looks very bad


I am a big Opera fan. I recently installed the 9.5 version in Windows and I love it. However when I installed the 9.5 version in my Opensuse 11.0, I noticed it looks really bad. I love the speed of it (its much faster than firefox i noticed) but The fonts are so choppy and the application fonts themeselves (the menus, etc) look very very choppy and unprofessional. It just doesn’t look right to me, its nothing like the quality of the Windows version.

I dont know what is wrong, and am wondering if it is just me do others notice the same thing??:confused:


What font are you using for the menus vs. Windows?

Looks fine to me, and I have suse 11 default install fonts

Try going to User Prefs Editor and ticking “Draw Anti Aliased Fonts” & “Enable Xft Fonts”, then untick “Enable Core X Fonts”. Save changes and restart.