Opera 10 font still **** me off....

I’m using Opera 10 on my 11.1 KDE4.2.3 x86-64. It’s fast & smooth,but there’s a weird problem in webpage font. I use wqy-microhei.ttc as Opera font,it display well in Facebook,but in other website,it doesn’t apply. Here attached 2 screenshot : Facebook & suse forum,u can see the different in font display.



Anyone can help?

Have you tried a, dare I say, more normal font. Liberation set for eg;

Most likely the other site is overriding your style preferences.
check the setting in Tools/Preferences/ Advanced tab
Style Options button Presentation Mode tab.
In the Author mode column, is the use my fonts colors checked?

Thanks,but that’s not about font color,what I want is the font style. Wqy-microhei looks much better than any font in system. If I apply Presentation Mode in Style option,the webpage display only text,all picture gone. I can only stick to Author Mode to keep webpage display normally.

What is the status of this font? from what i can gather it seems to be beta release. Has it actually been finished?

Yup it’s beta,but nice. No more issue as I’ve installed 11.2 RC1. wqy-microhei.ttc run happily in Opera 10.
Now the problem is Opera 10 consume 100% of my processor…>:(