OPENVPN for websurfing #2

I’m still experimenting with VPN for websurfing, thank you for the useful comments in part #1

I’m following these instructions 

System updates from OPENSUSE were down this weekend for planned work.

After this work, I notice I am no longer able to do

  **zypper in easy-rsa ** 

Q1) What repo has easy-rsa?
Q2) Since I am only interested in using OPENVPN for websurfing ( ie need server only), do I still have to follow the instructions to generate key files and to do the client configuration?
Q3) Under firewall configuration, there are several lines for setting iptables, some commented out. Which ones are appropriate for OPENVPN for websurfing?

Thank you.

VPN (Open or not) has absolutely nothing to do with web surfing.

It can if you use a commercial VPN Provider.
Or, similarly set up similar on your own… the remote VPN endpoint acts as a gateway to the Internet.

```]( is a great friend.