OpenVPN connection at boot time

Hi folks,

For road-warrior support I have to setup an OpenVPN connection before the user logs in on his laptop. Using X.509 certificates the private key is supposed to be protected by a passphrase.

If I activate the openvpn startup script using insserv, then the passphrase dialog is shown in text mode on the next reboot, but startpar continues to run the higher level startup scripts, even though openvpn is not complete yet. Shouldn’t it look at the .depends.start file to make sure the base scripts are completed before calling the higher level scripts in the dependency graph?

What would you suggest to make the startup procedure wait for OpenVPNs passphrase dialog?



The dependencies are created from the metadata at the top of the init scripts. So you have to edit some other init script so that it depends on openvpn starting first, maybe xdm is the one you want, not sure. Then run SuSEconfig to recompute the dependencies.

AFAICS the problem is in insserv.conf:

$remote_fs: $local_fs +nfs +smbfs

xdm depends upon $remote_fs instead of $network. If nfs and samba are not installed, then it depends upon local $local_fs only. It doesn’t wait for the network.

I think this should be

$remote_fs: $local_fs $network +nfs +smbfs