openvas: does anyone have this working?

So I am following the directions, I have installed openvas-cli,scanner,manager, and just about anything else I can find.
I have used the install page:, I have installed from the repositories directly.

all the stuff I can find is installed.
and I get the idea that I should run openvas-setup.
Ran that.

End of run:
Failed to start openvas-administrator.service: Unit openvas-administrator.service not found.
Failed to start greenbone-security-assistant.service: Unit greenbone-security-assistant.service not found.
/usr/sbin/openvas-setup: line 19: openvasad: command not found

I don’t have an openvas-administrator package installed.
There isn’t an openvas-administrator package I can find.
so I don’t have a openvasad executable.
pointless to try to go to http://localhost:9392

is this stuff hiding somewhere I am unaware of, has it not been built yet for suse,
I am told to login as admin [default password: admin]
nope can’t go there.

obviously I am looking in all the wrong places, ok. Give me some guidance, where are the good places?

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I am setting up a security lab here, it would be nice to use native tumbleweed instead of Kali under a v-box or kvm.



Been awhile since I’ve installed from the openSUSE repos (The current one I run is in my Kali install)

Try installing the following, then opening up the appropriate website (see documentation)

Post again if you can’t figure it out,
It might be good practice for me to install from the OSS as well…

And yeah, I remember 'way back when, when I noticed that not all the necessary openvas components were named “openvas”