opensusupdater-kde diverges from zypper (cli)

I’m using openSUSE 11.0 and have reached a point where the opensuse updater control panel applet ‘update package listing’ does not correspond with Yast or zypper (command line).

Any tips on how to get the applet to refresh/sync it’s package data?

Previously it seemed you’d do something like:

cd /var/cache/zypp
rm zypp.db
zypper refresh

However there is no such file in 11.0

Appreciate any shared secrets :slight_smile:


Without wanting to confuse the issue, AFAIK the applet is only good for upgrading packages from opensuse OSS and non-OSS repos. I’ve had to abandon using the opensuseupdater-kde applet altogether because it kept trying to downgrade kde4.1.x packages.

If you’re like most, and have other community repos (eg packman) enabled with priorities, you’re better off sticking with zypper.

Thanks for the tip. I do have other repo’s active so I’ll dump using the applet.

Much appreciated.

Yeah. First thing I do after install is dump that. Drives me nuts.

I thought if you set the priorities of a repository to a lower number
(eg higher priority) it will then override the under lying

Just my 0.3c worth…

And a Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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Hmm interesting point. I’ll try that.

In 11.1 the updater applet switched to PackageKit instead of zypper for the backend. If you want the applet to tell you about updates from Packman etc., you need to install the package kupdateapplet-zypp through Yast.

After you install that, right click the updater in the system tray and choose quit. Restart the applet by issuing kupdateapplet from a konsole or alt-f2. Right click the applet and select configure applet. Change the backend to zypp plugin, and check the box that says “show available upgrades when plugin provides them”

Hope that was what you wanted.