openSuseUpdater - yast2 - upgrading/actualizing packages


I am new in oSuse (coming from Kubuntu).
I have a question about upgrading packages with openSuseUpdater and Yast2: I have added multimedia/audio/built repositrie. Now the openSuseUpdater tells me there are some upgrades ready, but it simply doesn’t upgrade them. Then when I look in Yast2 I can see that for example the Jack-Package has an newer version from Oss-Repositrie than my installed version from audio/built repositrie but when auto-actualize it doesn’t mark it for upgrade!
Why is that? How can I veryfie if I really have the latest version of the packages?

I hope I managed to describe the problem that U can understand :frowning:

Try opening Yast - Software - Software Management
Filter by repo
select updates first and from the packages tab at the top, select update all in this list if newer avail

? install more packages? Y/N
now do all the other repo’s (well, maybe) tell us what repo’s you have

In a term

zypper lr

ok, it’s that what i was trying to say. “select update all in this list if newer available” doen’t work. as you can see in screenshot there isn’t even the newer version in “()” after the installed version. See at bottom that there is newer version in OSS available.](

if needed here is snapshot of my repos: ImageShack - Hosting :: 62104694du7.png

só it’s a bug???

you have to click the radio button in the versions list - of the one you want to install, in your case the last in the list Main oss

yea, i know that

the question is: why does the automatic way not working?

You would have to set the oss to a higher priority. You can read about that in the repo manager and press Help

Not that I advise you do that.

i attached my repos-screenshot above. as you can see, the oss priority is 120. the others 99, so i don’t understand why it is happaning like this

change oss to less than 99

changed everything to 99 priority and now its working fine, don’t understand though why 99 is higher priority than 120 :-o

thank you

If you were 1st in the line to enter the cinema you would get in before the person at position 99

If you get me. Lower number, higher priority.

ok, your right. that high numbers confused me :slight_smile: