OpenSuse13.2 TexStudio Behaviour

Hello, I have upgraded to OpenSuse 13.2 from 13.1 (KDE) yesterday and I have been going through everything to make sure that everything is working well.

Something that I am puzzled by is that with texstudio, I opened up some older documents to make sure that it compiles right. Initially texstudio says that it Crashed due to a c++ exception and asks me if I wish to recover.

Now the trippy part is that the “recovered” document compiles. I wasn’t sure if it actually compiled or just viewed a pdf. I delete everything other than the .tex .bib and importing images, it still compiles well.

It seems that the .tex files I’ve built from OpenSuse 13.1 causes crash with TexStudio with the same excuse, “a c++ exception”. I can open them with TexMaker without the errors but I’ve grown used to the studio.

If I create a new file and save it, I can open it fine, but I cannot open files created in past. This is a slight bit of a problem because I want to keep the older files as templates.

Any suggestions on how to approach this issue?

At least for now, I think TeXStudio is not very compatible with OpenSuse 13.2,
TeXmaker is not having any issues and I’ve re-installed TeXStudio twice already.

I’ve also tried copying and pasting the code after opening the .tex file using kate to a new TeXstudio file. It crashes.