[openSUSE13.1] No console background while splash is ok

My laptop is Ideapad Y450 with openSUSE13.1 installed. There is no picture in the console, which is the text only tty. While the splash can display. This problem has been here since I’ve installed 13.1.:frowning:
Is there anything I can do to get the background back? I really love console with background.:slight_smile:

This was already gone on 12.3 and IIANM 12.2 as well.

AFAIK plymouth just doesn’t support this.

I’m not sure which package provided this in earlier versions (splashy?), but you could install and use that instead of plymouth (or maybe even in combination?)
But I have no idea how.

PS: You have to patch the kernel for this. I don’t know if current openSUSE kernels include such a patch or not. But I think it has been removed completely.
So you would have to compile your own kernel.
For the patch, have a look here: http://www.uli-eckhardt.de/bootsplash/index.en.shtml

Thanks anyway, patch the kernel is a little difficult for me~`