opensuse13.1 and certbot Where i can found certbot by opensuse13.1 ?

Hi All.

Where i can found certbot by opensuse13.1( x86) ?


nowhere as I’m afraid the 13.1 repo’s have been deleted and cerbot was never packaged
but you might add the copies of the 13.1 repo’s download the python dev packages and build it yourself
first off remove all your repo’s or replace them with the gwdg copies

zypper ar -f oss  
zypper ar -f non-oss 
zypper ar -f oss-update
zypper ar -f non-oss-update

install rpmbuild, python-devel, gcc etc and try building from a source rpm
download the source
install the src.rpm as an ordinary user the files will go in your home afaik you don’t have to download it you can point rpm to the remote url as the example bellow

rpm -i
cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECSS
rpmbuild -ba certbot

if all goes fine the 13.1 cerbot rpm should be in $HOME/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch or i586 folder
if errors occur read them they’re most likely a missing package install it try again you can always read the cerbot documentation

the best answer is upgrade to TW it has a 32 bit distribution and is supported

Thank you. will be read.

What is “TW” ?


One of the two tastes that openSUSE comes in.

What is wrong:

ipsec01:~ # rpm -i
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
error: skipping - transfer failed

  1. Try with http instead of https
  2. Another option is to get certbot directly from github:
$ git clone
$ cd certbot
$ ./certbot-auto --help

Thank you !
Problem resolved.
Everything works as it should