OpenSuse12.3 install fail

I am trying to install 12.3 on a quad-core AMD processor with an NVIDIA Tesla 1060c GPU. No version of OpenSuse will install from the BIOS but I can get 11.1 to auto run from Windows 2000. Unfortunately, CUDA requires OpenSuse 12.3, which will not install from Windows. I have made a new install disc in case the file was corrupt and even made .cdr version - still no joy.

I have removed the GPU to see if this or the lack of drivers was interfering with the install but it makes no difference.

Can anyone help? If I can get 12.3 on there then I can get the Tesla drivers and CUDA installed too.



Are you trying to install from within (you are logged into) Microsoft Windows?

You should not be installing it from Windows.

What do you mean by it will not install from the BIOS?

Are you installing from a DVD? Which version of the installer (live or full)?

Where did you download the installer from?

Did you try following the instructions that are linked to from there?

How did you try to install it “from the BIOS”.

What errors did you encounter?

More detailed information is required in order to assist you.

Thank you both for your replies. First off I will not try and install from Windows again! I’ll try and answer your questions:

  1. To install from the BIOS I hold down F9 on startup and then boot from the CD/DVD drive. The OpenSuse installer screen starts fine, I go to installation on the menu and press enter but instead of the license agreement page, option to create new install and set time zone etc., I get a green progress bar at the bottom of the screen that works its way up to 100% and then freezes.

  2. The install DVD is the full 4.7GB version for 64bit PC downloaded at

Many thanks


12.3 reaches End Of Life in 75 days.

Please download 13.1.

That’s the boot progress indicator. But it shouldn’t freeze of course.

A few thoughts:

  • Press ESC to see where exactly it freezes, maybe the disc has read errors?

  • Try to press “F3” at the boot menu and select “No KMS”. If that isn’t possible (i.e. if this is an UEFI system), press ‘e’, search for the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi” and append “nomodeset” to the end.
    Especially certain nvidia cards still have problems with the shipped open source driver, even for installation.

  • If you don’t have a floppy drive, disable it in the BIOS settings. The installer might try to access the non-existent drive (if the BIOS says it is there) and hang for a long time. But I think this would happen later in the installation process.

That’s not true.

13.2 has been delayed, therefore 12.3 will be supported longer than intended. At least until after 13.2 has been released in November.
From Lifetime - openSUSE Wiki :

openSUSE releases have a lifetime of 2 releases + 2 months overlap.

This would mean that 12.3 is at least supported until January 2015 according to the current plan for 13.2.

But 13.1 might be a good idea anyway… :wink:

Windows 2000 :eek: !

I really hope you are not connecting that to the Net with that unless you enjoy motorcycling without a helmet ?

I’d suggest trying a live KDE version of opensuse 13.1 (you can install from this as well) just to see if it runs OK on your hardware first.

Well then that wiki is actually incorrect because it still states 75 days.

"openSUSE 12.3 - Sep 15th 2014 which is in 75 days (2 months after release of 13.2)"

Well, look at your quote! It also says “2 months after release of 13.2”… :wink:

And in the line below it says:

**Note:**As 13.2 is shifted by 4 months into the future, above dates might also shift further into the future.

Thank you all for your comments. I have now successfully installed OpenSuse and Windows has been removed. I tweaked a couple of settings in the BIOS regarding power management and it seemed to work. Just have to install CUDA now…