OpenSUSE12.2 loading stalls after AMD Radeon HD 7730M driver installation

Hi, I recently installed OpenSUSE 12.2 64-bit, KDE, on my new Dell Inspiron 7520. This laptop has an AMD Radeon HD 7730M graphics card. I installed AMD fglrx according to SDB:AMD fglrx - openSUSE, and the OpenSUSE GUI stopped showing up – loading OpenSUSE stopped at a line that said “Started Postfix Mail Transport Agent”. I decided to download and install a driver directly from, but OpenSUSE 12.2 still does not load, stopping at a message that said “Started LSB: SuSEfirewall2 phase 2”. OpenSUSE 12.2 's recovery mode seems to run normally.

What should I do to make OpenSUSE 12.2’s normal mode run the GUI?

Does it start in recovery/failsafe mode ?
When boot menu appears ,choose other options and then choose relevant menu

OpenSUSE 12.2 's recovery mode, which I select from the GRUB menu, seems to run normally. It’s the normal mode I’m worried about. After selecting that, I don’t get to the part where I get to login to use the GUI of OpenSUSE.

Check this

I do have same problem, My GPU Intel HD3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6630M , after installation am not able to boot openSUSE … help me out