openSUSE11 firewall, dialup modem, and internet access

I’ve just completed installing openSUSE11 w/ KDE3.5 as a dualboot w/ XP using doctorjohn2’s faq. I’m having problems connecting to the web. Searches on the forums, the web, and of the newsgroups have proven less than successful if not fruitless. Here’s the situation:

I have a single computer with a dialup connection to my ISP. The modem has been successfully configured to dial and connect to the ISP. (I can hear the handshake and the proper lights are lit up.)

Now I need to configure the firewall to allow me to surf the Web and email. Using the Firewall setup through YaST the modem has been placed in the external zone and ippp client was added to the external zone services, but browsers aren’t connecting to the Web. The firewall examples included with the distro indicate adding the line: FW_DEV_EXT=“ippp0” for a simple dialup connection, which is why I did the preceding.

Here are the questions:
1.) Is “external” the correct zone for a dialup modem?
2.) Regardless of zone, what services should I enable to allow browsers and email programs access to the Web?
3.) Where can I find this information? The documentation I’ve found tell what’s available for zones and services but not what to choose.

Mark Z.

Before we dig into the firewall you could check that it is the firewall that blocks things. Just switch it off and try. For a short time, say half an hour, this is not too dangerous. After all you are running Liinux :wink:

I should have thought of that before posting. Apologies for that.

Turning off the firewall had no effect. There is no connection to the internet.

Paying closer attention to the lights on the modem (an external USB/serial Actiontec modem), the connection is terminated in 30 seconds or less. At the same time, the KInternet icon and the menu for KInternet are indicating a connection. The menu offers me the option to hang up even though the modem lights show that the connection has been ended. The ISP tells me these attempted connections are not being registered.

Besides the Actiontec modem, there is a second, onboard Agere winmodem that is not configured.

Where to now? Should this be moved over to the hardware forum? Could you, please, point me in the right direction, e.g., man pages, HOWTOs, etc., so I can start to decipher what’s going on?

Mark Z.

My suggestion try to get one working either the winmodem or USb modem some winmodem are supported by opensuse.
Or go for you’re Usb modem if you go for this last option switch the winmodem for a while off in you’re BIOS while trying to get the USB modem working
Some people said that hard modem is better than a winmodem , do not know if this is true