OpenSuse11 and PPTP


does anyone have any experience how to set up PPTP session to Win2003 server with KDE4.

For KDE3 in opensuse10.3, there was networkmanager-pptp package. It was really useful.

In 10.3 was used networkmanager v0.6, in 11 is used 0.7 . We whould wait package with pptp for 0.7 networkmanager

Can anyone know when this will be?=)

Perhaps openSUSE is a bit too cutting edge in this respect. From what I’ve read, there is still some work to do in getting the PPTP plugin to work with 0.7. The options are to downgrade to version 0.6 or use another VPN tool. I’ve tried kvpnc but I could not get it to work.

what I’ve done on KDE4/OpenSuse 11 is install kvpnc which has the pptp setup. Works well.