OpenSuse11 and DLink DWL-G650+ on Compaq Evo 610N

I need help with wifi,
has installed OpenSuse 11, to it I try to instal a network card. after search in the internet,
has understood that it is necessary to put ACX driver firmware ‘tiacx111c16’ to ‘/lib/firmware’.
I install the package ‘acx-kmp-default’ a card was not started up.
Has found the guideline to try ‘acx-kmp-pae’ package, instead ‘acx-kmp-default’.
LINK LED has lighted up and interface ‘wlan0’ appears, but I got constant HDD activity and no wireless networks found.
If I disable a card, no disk activity.

Can anybody guide me?

I know that the ACX driver don’t work.
I used the same card with ndiswrapper

Ndiswrapper - openSUSE

does Ndiswrapper works with OpenSuse 11?

yes, in oss repo