OpenSuse11.4 - Java - Libreoffice base - Jdbc- Not working

Dear all,

I’m hoping somebody can help me out on my first LibreOffice issue, that’s kept me busy yesterday
most of the day and this morning.

We connect with OpenOffice Base - and now LibreOffice and jdbc to a Mysql database.

For that we load mysql-connector-java and a Jre.

On OpenSuse 11.2, when just selecting java-1_6_0-sun with zypper, I would get jre 6.u.15 and that would work great.
If i would also select the patch, I would get 6.u.23 and the database doesn’t work much.

The same on 11.3

Now, on OpenSuse 11.4, when I do the same, I get jre 6.0_23 whatever I try.

In the database I then have no navigation buttons unless I first checkmark some toolbars,as pointed out in another post by Helmut, and
when clicking the filter button, the database freezes.

I want to use LibreOffice from now on, so I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this.

Thanks for any feedback.

grt, J.

hmmm no luck so far …hope I’m not on a blacklist or something like that.

Does anybody maybe know how to get java jre 1.6.u.15 for OpenSuse 11.4?

again thanks for any help

just replying to my own post ; I found the jre I needed : java-1_6_0-sun-1.6.0.u15-1.1.2.i586.rpm

So now the database opens just as fast with LibreOffce as with Openoffice.

But unfortunately, it didn’t solve the problem : still no navigation buttons untill I enable 3 toolbars and even worse,
when clicking the filter button, the whole thing freezes.

Help is still appreciated…

grt, Johan