OpenSuse11.1 - Updates and version.

I am trying out Open Suse 11.1 and I have a couple of questions I need to ask - not difficult ones (I don’t think).

  1. I downloaded it from a link on distrowatch and I definitely chose 11.1 KDE4 but my menu.lst entry has the title ‘openSUSE 11.0.42’ I would have expected 11.1.something. Have I got the wrong version?

  2. During install it created a repo with the address:

This doesn’t exist and therefore I get no updates (for alpha software I would expect shed loads). What address should I be using to find updates?

Considering it’s very early development stage it runs reasonably well, there are problems with it but these are the sort usually cured by updates, but I can’t get any see, hence the question.

why didn’t you download from here:

you want to be pulling updates from the build service
Index of /repositories

there may or may not be a specific UPDATES repo - I haven’t checked

But running alpha, I can’t really see the worry.
Why not run in Virtual Box, you can have loads of fun.

You are right caf4926, fun is what it is all about. I could run it in Vbox, but I am never really sure if it will behave exactly as it does when installed. I have the room to install it so I did, didn’t really think about it tbh. It is not as if I am relying on it at all, I have 3 other distros on the go at the same time (2 stable, one testing) so it makes no difference to me if it works or not.

Thanks for the list of repos there I will have a look at that when I boot back into 11.1, it looks as if this might fit the bill:

Index of /distribution/SL-OSS-factory/inst-source

Edit. I added that but there are still no updates available - maybe there just aren’t any. As I say it is no big deal anyway.