opensuse11.1 loses network connection but retains ip address

Hi there –

One of our servers had opensuse 11.1 installed as an upgrade from opensuse 10.3 on Monday of this week, and has lost its network connection twice in as many days. The network cards on the server, of which one is currently in use and the other is up with the same ip address but not currently connected to the network, are the NetXtreme BCM5722 gigabit ethernet PCI express model. The cards are configured to run at 100Mbps Full Duplex with Autonegotiation turned off.

A check of the Online Update utility, with the filter set to Needed Patches, did not list anything at the present time.

The time of the disconnect from the network appears to be around 11:30 at night. This coincides with a cron job that runs a script designed to initiate the freshclam virus definition update script, and subsequently run the clamscan utility. I am suspicious of this being the cause, but it is something that deserves mention.

Has anyone seen this before, and know what the cause is as well as how it can be corrected? Thanks.

I did some further checking since the my last posting, and one thing I discovered was there was an alteration in the configuration of the eth0 interface: When the card was brought back up the IP address of the gateway was missing. Due to the DNS servers being located on a different subnet, this prevent hostname resolution. Once that was corrected, everything was back in order.

The questions that follow are:

  1. What file(s) do I need to modify in order to have the gateway properly configured?
  2. Would this cause the problem that I initially described?
  3. Is this a known issue that can be rectified?