opensuse11.1 installation help

I am using opensuse10.2 version and updated using Yast. But, video format like wmv can’t able to open using xine, nouten players because of no necessary plug ins. Now, I tried to upgrade it toopensuse11.1. By booting from installation cd, I started to install it. After reading all hardwares, the screen hanged with green squares.I think it’s x window system troubles me. Help me to resolve my two problems.

The following tip from Installation Help - openSUSE
may help:

If the graphical boot menu doesn’t show or freezes, try press and hold Shift on the keyboard when booting the installation media. This starts the text-mode boot menu instead.

First suggestion: do a clean install of 11.1
After install follow instructions in the Sticky post about restricted media, it will help you through.

BUT before that, make sure the install media are 100% correct. So, check downloaded iso’s MD5 sum against the one found in the folder you downloaded from. Burn iso to disk and check MD5 sum of burnt disk.
AND make sure, the resolution choosen at boot does not go beyond system capabilities