openSUSE11.0 + BCM4322 startup

Hi guys,
By following this thread:
SuSE 11.0 & BCM4322 wifi, dv9925nr - Page 5 - openSUSE Forums

I was able to get the BCM4322 to work with the Broadcom hybrid drivers. However, I am too inexperienced to configure it to load at startup, so I now every time I have to run the following commands as su in terminal:

modprobe ieee80211_crypt_tkip
insmod wl.ko

Could anyone help me automatize this process? Configuration via Network Manger or some sort of a script?
I am using a 64-bit openSUSE11.0 with kernel


While I’m sure there is a better solution you can always add the lines to /etc/rc.d/boot.local and they will get ran on bootup.

Go to YaST/Network Devices/Network Settings and try adding a new wireless connection inthere (putting ndiswrapper as driver and also filling in your ESSID, encryption and everything that’s needed). Don’t forget to check “Load at boot with Network Manager”. After a reboot or two, returning to YaST again, it should ask you if you want to modprobe your ndiswrapper configuration, just answer yes. And reboot again, if needed.
Good luck!

Thanks famewolf, your solution works just fine so I am happy with it.
(As for JosipBroz’s idea - I am actually not using the ndiswrapper).
Thanks again guys,