OpenSuse11.0 as PDC and LDAP

As per subject, I wish to promote a “normal” installation of Suse as a domain controller with LDAP so the other computers in my network need to use a centralised username and password to log onto the machines.

The only documentation I can find refers back to suse 9.something which is quite out of date now!

Please, can someone point me towards a good resouce?
I’ve asked google but it returns me to the 9.something guide :frowning:

Thank you.

That’s strange!!! There is a good howto in the opensuse help - the link
LDAP and Samba on openSUSE11.1 Quick start - openSUSE

После удачного входа на компьютер пользователем-членом домена можно видеть смонтирваный сетевой диск P:

I got stuck on the above, although I suspect that P: is actually a typo for the :stuck_out_tongue: smiley.