OpenSuse11.0 -64 Samsung SCX4200 won't print

Samsung SCX-4200 printed ok under OpenSuse 10.3 (64 bit). I switched to 11.0 (64 bit – clean install on new drive). Now printer won’t work.

I have reinstalled the driver and the entire Suse 11.0 system (sigh). Many times.

Depending on what I tell the Samsung Unified installer and Yast I get these errors:

  1. cups(File) DoRequest error: client-error-not-possible


  1. Unable to print test page. You are using a different spooler.

Under some installations my attempts to print show in the print queue (according to lpq and the Samsung driver – they agree); sometimes they do not.

Any suggestions?

Further details:

Installation of driver: As root I untar the Samsung tarball (it is in ~); cd to ~/cdroot/Linux. And then call sh to get the Samsung installer.

In the installer I select “file:/dev/usb/lp0” (which the Samsung installer changes to “file:/dev/null”). I finish the Samsung installation.

Then enter Yast and ask it to install the printer. I configure the printer to use “file:/dev/usb/lp0”.

I have also used the Samsung installer choice of “/dev/usb/mfp4” which gives me the same errors.

Sometimes Yast tells me the printer status is “Disable printout” and “Reject print jobs”. Sometimes Yast says printer status is “Enable printer” and “Accept print jobs”. Changing “Reject” to “accept” and “disable” to “enable” does not give me a functioning printer.