openSUSE10.3 - No computer power-off at shutdown

Hi everyone:
I have opensuse 10.3 installed on an IBM thinkpad 600x laptop. it was installed with the boot option “noacpi”, per instuctions I read on “” about installation on an IBM thinkpad
600x. It works fine including internet set up through “ndiswrapper”. The system is now updated through YaSt
and runs on kde 3.5.9 with kernel 2.6.18 and is functioning very well.

The only problem I have is the system shutdown. Activating “shutdown>turn the computer off”, proceeds well and wraps up till the end of the process, but leaves the computer on. Then I have to power off the machine manually.
I searched the forum and read that I need to add “acpi=force” to the boot loader. I did that which solved the shutdown problem, however, now my sound system and network connection are not working.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if you tried both as boot option:

acpi=force pci=noacpi

(I found this on the ubuntu forum.)

The problem I think is mostly due to issues with the kernel and your hardware, in particular your mainboard. I have experienced similar issues in the past and there is usually no one simple answer. Sometimes the issue is solved with kernel updates or even if you can do a BIOS update. You might even find that the problem is gone in the latest release Suse 11.

Thank you! thank you henkees!
Your suggestion did it :smiley: :cool:. I had to re-configure the wireless network and everything is fine now :).
Thanks again!