OpenSuse10.2, DellGX260, DellE151Fpp


I have an older (2002) DELL Optiplex GX260 with DELL E151FPp 15 inch
monitor. I want to install OpenSuse 10.2 on it.

Installed from the DVD. It detected following Hardware Configuration
Graphics Cards

  • Graphics card: Intel i845
  • Monitor: VESA 1024x768@60HZ (Aspect Unconfigured) - (1024x768)
  • Colordepth: 24 Bit (16,7 Mio Colors)
  • 3D Acceleration: Deactivated
    I did a Test Configuration,
    Noticed that it first returned a black screen with the lower two thirds
    with colored snowy dots, but then the X server started, the test display
    appeared and everything looked good. Saved that.

Then installation continued until ‘Installation completed successfully’

At the first appearance of the KDE Desktop I got a windows with the message:
Your monitor did not report its X and Y size. This might cause
display problems like unreadable fonts.
Configure your monitor geometry manually?

I answered yes, but the reported dimensions 305 x 320 mm and diagnonal
size were OK.
Still I tried to change the Monitor type to DELL and Model to E151FPp.
Test screen OK, Saved that.

I could work normally after that … until I did a first reboot.
I got:

  • the DELL Bios screen
  • the blue GRUB Boot Loader screen
    openSUSE 10.2
    Failsafe – openSUSE 10.2
  • the 128 chars x 48 lines screen with all the linux startup messages
  • then a black screen, with again the lower 2/3rd with colored snowy dots
  • then a totally black screen…

I can’t even use Ctrl-Alt-F1 to switch from X mode to command line mode

Tried connecting a second DELL E151Pp monitor, same results
Tried connecting a DELL 19inch monitor, same results
Reinstalled OpenSuse 10.2 all over again now ignoring the messages about
the monitor not reporting X and Y size - same results.
Reinstalled and tried with changing color depth to 65000 colors - same
Did some other reinstalls with other tests - same results

Noticed following parameters
in VESA 1024x768@60 Mhz (what is standard selected at installation)
Hor sync 29 48 Khz
Vert sync 50 60 Khz
in DELL - E151FPp monitor
Hor sync 30 61 Khz
Vert sync 56 76 Khz
But didn’t dare make any changes myself to these values…

Every reinstall cycle always displays normal screens, gets over its own
automatic reboot, but at my own first reboot, I get stuck …

When with stuck screen, the linux system is working:
I can remote login via SSH and use command line unix commands.
As root, I tried
mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.install /etc/X11/xorg.conf
but this gives me a not sharp at all sreen and a firefox with all kind
of color deformations…

What is wrong ???

I already have used these DELL E151FPp 15-inch screen succesfully
with OpenSuse 9.3, 10.1 and 10.2 on Dell Optiplex GX270 ans even
with a older Dell Optiplex GX110.