openSUSE/XP-32/XP-64 tri-boot failure

So earlier, I decided to install openSUSE 11.1 onto my machine. This install was done on a hard drive, which already has 2 different installs of XP on it (32bit and 64bit).

After installing Linux for the first time today, I log out out and boot into XP via the GRUB bootloader, to come here and ask a question on the wireless forum (couldn’t connect to my network). Then I try boot back into Suse, only to find that Windoze has messed things up and GRUB just shows a message, something about “ERROR 17” and wont even show any operating systemns to load.

Luckily I’d previously backed up the MBR with Acronis True Image in XP, and was able to restore everything with a boot CD. I’ve just been messing around with Auto Super Grub Disk, which lets me boot into both XP installations, but even after running the auto repair on the Suse DVD, I still cannot boot into Linux.

It’s no problem for me to format the Linux partitions on the disk and start again. I’d just lie to know if there’s anyway around this problem with Windoze, apparently screwing up the MBR and GRUB, everytime it’s loaded.

I suggest this approach:
step 1: boot into openSUSE using any of the five methods outlined here:
HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive
Since you have the install DVD, try option 1 in the list first

Then when you’re in openSUSE, try reinstalling Grub using the specific method in the Appendix of that tutorial.

That might work – and might save you from reinstalling.