Hi all,
i’m new hier …
i love the live cd of suse, but it’s better when the wm is xfce :stuck_out_tongue:
i don’t understand who made this live cd …
for Mandriva the xfce live is an community job for example .
and suse ?
i try to install the live cd yesterday, but it say me that
theyre no workflow defined for this installation mode :X

can i install the last suse, but just have xfce . i don’t will
install first kde or gnome, and after xfce .

thanks for all .

Nobody forces you to install KDE/GNOME or any other GUI at all (in fact there are two pre defined installation options, minimal GUI or no GUI at all) and nobody forbids you to install XFCE instead.

The worst case will be to install XFCE later via online repositories.

You posted this in the wrong section of the forum. And you are asking about 11.0 which is not even the latest release.
You can install xfce only from the DVD
see this shot: Installation/11.1 DVD Install - openSUSE