openSUSE won't start - graphics problem

Good morning,
I have successfully installed openSUSE to my computer, but there is a catch. When I try to boot the operating system, it boots, but when it is time to show me the logon screen, it goes all crazy and wild - the screen is full of unrecognizable fuzzy colorful noise, kinda what you could see on the old TVs when they broke or when you fry your graphics card. My graphics card is nVidia GeForce GT 240. What should I do to make the OS work?

It looks like this:

On the boot menu, add “nomodeset”.

If you are using grub2 or grub2-efi for booting, then hit ‘e’ on the boot screen. Scroll down until you file a “linux” command or “linuxefi” command. The move to the end of the line and add " nomodeset".

That will give inferior graphics, so you will probably want to install the nvidia driver for your card. Google for “opensuse nvidia” (without the quotes).