OpenSUSE wont let me boot a live cd I cant see it in GRUB

So I installed openSUSE now when I go to boot a live cd Im trying to boot the backtrack 5 live cd I cant see it in grub any sugestions ?

You won’t see a CD in grub. You need to set the BIOS to boot the cd/dvd player first. Or if EFI (bios) then press f12 to select device to boot. Note that key maybe different on different hardware.

Ok thank you I will try that

One of my pc’s need press and keep pressing F8 as soon as it starts, when see the grub I know I missed it, so need shutdown, then start it again.

Sounds like BIOS not EFI so you can set the player to boot first. But it is hard to see over your shoulder.

Un any case is is the BIOS/UEFI job to boot the cd/dvd. Grub knows nothing about booting cd/dvd

yes, the Fn key can vary, as well as when you have to press and for how long to keep pressing before you enter the bios/efi menu to access the boot device option … desktops are typically f12, and laptops sometimes f1 or f2 etc…

when see the grub I know I missed it, so need shutdown, then start it again.
yeah, that’s the annoying thing – there are times where I’ve wanted to boot a perhipheral device (USB, optical, … ) but I start day dreaming and miss it during the post boot phase … what a waste of time having to reboot LOL.

An option to remedy that, however, is to put a loop option into grub that will give you the ability to boot the optical (or whatever) device when need it … though, now you have to learn how to do that! (I know for a fact that its been described here in the forums several times in the past) … in the end, if you don’t need to do this very often, you might make better use of your time just trying to remember to hold down your finger on that fn key during boot lol!

  1. Instead of guesswork, I always Google the laptop make and model with something like “enter BIOS” to get the known keystroke combination.

  2. Technically speaking, it should be possible to configure the GRUB menu to point to a LiveCD, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is because GRUB2 (not so easily with classic GRUB) is able to mount loop devices so should also by this method mount a LiveCD ISO. I suppose this might be worth investigating if someone wanted a portable solution, but then it begs the question why not install Backtrack to the hard drive as a regular OS running on a regular file system, not through a mount point.

  3. Another option is to install your choice of virtualization, create an empty disk with virtual CDROM pointing to an ISO. But, Backtrack is a special situation, because pen testing typically requires direct hardware access, YMMV depending on the virt technology supporting direct hardware access, specifically the NIC I haven’t tried this recently, but PCI pass-through might work. Note that giving a Guest direct access to hardware typically means that the Host no longer can use the same device.

Just some options,

Ok so I found out how to boot into my BIOS (I hold down the escape key). I know that some computers have a key to bring up a boot menu my laptops is an ASUS X55A laptop. How would I set a third boot menu to boot a cd because im able to easly create a third boot option I just dont know how to configure it so it can dectect the disk and boot it. :shame:

We still don’t know if you have a BIOS or a UEFI.

My guess is that you have a UEFI setup. So Again guessing, There should be a key that brings you to a menu that gives you an option what to boot. When the disk is in the player and is bootable it should show on that list.

Never mind the key to boot into the bios is the escape key and I had to enable csf I believe was the name thank you.