OpenSuse won't boot on live usb


I currently have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I used UNETBOOTIN to create a live USB of Opensuse 13.2 Gnome x64. I put it on my 8gb flash drive. I used UNETBOOTIN to do this. However, when I boot the computer Opensuse does not want to boot. I also tired another distro with UNETBOOTIN and the same issue is happening. I also changed the boot order and that didn’t work either. I would really like to try out Opensuse but unfortunately I am unable to test it out. How can I make the flash drive boot into the live usb?


You don’t need unetzbhutin for that. see


How am I supposed to run a ymp file inside of Ubuntu?

not a ymp file you don’t need suse imagewriter use dd to copy the iso to usb

grep -Ff <(hwinfo --disk --short) <(hwinfo --usb --short)
//get your usb address (change /dev/sdX bellow to the right one)

use dd to copy/make a bootable usb
umount /dev/sdX
dd if=/path/to/downloaded.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M