openSUSE won't boot after upgrading rootfs from ext3 to ext4

I have upgraded openSuSE from 11.1 to 11.2, it worked perfectly, I have another linux OS ubuntu 9.10 in my PC, I logined ubuntu, and upgraded the rootfs of openSuSE from ext3 to ext4 (Before I try this, I have mounted ext4 filesystem in openSuSE, it worked, I can use files in ext4 filesystem), the upgrading is success, I can use these files of rootfs of openSuSE in ubuntu OS; after that, I reboot to openSuSE, but it crashed, it said it can’t mount ext4 rootfs, I found that this issue was caused by initrd, these “mount” and “fsck” command in initrd don’t support ext4, only support ext3. any suggestion is appreciated.

You installed having an ext3 root. As a result a initrd was made supporting this. Initrd must be as small as possible, so it has only the ext3 support for the root partition.

A new initrd must be made. I am no expert here, but w
hile hopimng that one may come to the recsue I shouldstart with

man mkinitrd

if I where you.

I guess you understand that every other partition you have (like /home), will not have this problem, only changing the fs type in /etc/fstab would be sufficient.

you have to add ext4 in the INITRD_MODULES variable in /etc/sysconfig/kernel and then as root run mkinitrd

EDIT: oops, forgot to mention that you also need to add the jbd2 module in there too

Thanks all, I added ext4, jbd3 and crc16 modules, It worked OK, Thanks.