openSUSE wiki viewed as forum posts


Have a new forum category called, wiki. This forum has posts linking to each wiki. Such as a post titled: Bugs:KDE that contains a link to Bugs:KDE - openSUSE

A post titled BUGS:KDE injects the wiki page into the forum post body.

A post titled BUGS:KDE injects an editable (within the forum post) wiki page into the forum post body. Tagging would also be used to categorize the wiki with user appropriate tags exactly like a standard forum post. A “cloud” could provide a cognitive view over all the data. For instance, a user clicks KDE then the cloud morphs to provide all things related to KDE, then options like applications, bugs, etc appears. With all this data at it must be made accessible for all users. I’m envisioning a portal of openSUSE knowledge here.

Valid suggestion, to be certain, but in my opinion (and mine alone, not to be contrued as representative of the team :wink: ), wiki and forum content should remain two separate domains.

I see a lot of merit in your ideas, but MHO is that members should be encouraged to alternate between the two. That’s one of the main benefits of the SSO mechanism we’ve implemented.

Wikis are fantastic for static information, forums are fantastic for discussions. I would hate to draw attention away from the wiki (and potential contributors) by trying to integrate it into the forums. I think we’re better off discussing content, but leaving the wiki to it’s own for presenting content.

As I said, not trying to diminish your idea, it’s a good one, but I think we’re better served by drawing a line between the wiki and the forums, only so that members understand where to go for different types of info.

Maybe down the road, we can look at ways of incorporating input from the forums directly into the wikis, but that is way down the road at this point.

Anyways, just my 3c… :wink:


IMHO it is already OK as one login works for both places and having them in 2 tabs is just fine.

Regards, Rajko