opensuse vs. Ubuntu vs. RedHat

Hello all
french Police will use Ubuntu see here
NYSE will use Red Hat see here
!!!what about Open Suse ?

SUSE will be used in hospitals and the US postal service :wink: See tech news subforum
Also Renault, the French car maker, uses SUSE

I will use openSUSE.And that’s the most important person to me. rotfl!

ditto for me lol!

SUSE will be used in hospitals and the US postal service See tech news subforum
Also Renault, the French car maker, uses SUSE

thanks I saw it
but I have new question if you allow me
according number of users which high number users distribution ?

Probably Red Hat has the biggest install base among corporations, especially in the US. As for which distro has the most users, I don’t really know. I guess it could be Ubuntu. Having most users doesn’t mean that the distro itself is somehow better than others. Marketing also plays a big role in this and once the ball starts rolling and people are familiar with the name, it gets passed over and over and the ball rolls even faster

It’s impossible to measure. First - what constitutes a distro? Is Xubuntu a distro or a variation of a distro? What about Xubuntu Buddhist edition?

Then, how do you get your data? Downloads? A technically minded person may well download a distro then duplicate it and install it on lots of different systems - no way to control for that.

Distrowatch measures general public interest in distros through clicks onto their pages - but again, how do you control for sampling bias? Are new users of Gentoo or Arch likely to check the distrowatch page before they install?

We don’t know how many people use Linux, so working out how many people use distinct flavours of it is unlikely to work - unless they decide to tell us themselves.

True, and what about Mint as it rides on the back of Ubuntu. I tend to regard all the ubuntu flavours as coming from the same stable, and would probably add Mint in (and any other ubuntu clones) to get a real feel for its popularity. That probably puts Ubuntu way ahead, but wait a minute, they are all derived from or based on Debian and there are other distros based on that e.g. Mepis, Knoppix, and Dam n Small Linux. Of course there are several distros based on Red Hat e.g. Fedora, CentOS, and originally Mandriva.

As @microchip8 hinted at, good marketing, including advertising, breeds popularity. Assuming the distro’s quality is good enough, that will result in computer vendors pre-installing the distro. That increases the distro’s poularity, and so the ball rolls on gathering momentum.

I would also add that forum activity is no good indicator either, as distros have cultures attached to them - some search and read, some post first. Some prefer wikis to forums, which will dent the apparent user base further.

Statistics, 85.7% of the time, are made up on the spot.

the thing that strikes me as odd is that openSUSE is one of the few major distros that does not have distros based off that distro.

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Caixa mágica, a portuguese distro, was based on openSUSE. But changed to mandriva in 2007.

There was also a brazilian distro based in OpenSUSE, can’t remember the name right now. It was an offspring of the government popular computer program about 2 years ago.

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