openSUSE VIM plugins - Documentation and management?

As I’m exploring “vim-enhanced” (note that this is not the default vim installed on openSUSE. For whatever reason, default vim is a relatively recent <version> but was intentionally compiled without all available functionality. Installing “vim enhanced” adds most but not all functionality available for the version).

Am looking at the plugins selection. Although a few are familiar, it does not come close to the extremely long list of possible plugins. There also does not seem to be a plugin manager (typically vundle or pathogen is recommended today) or pre-install description of the plugin versions and how they are installed(typical issue with zypper, you can’t see any detail until a package is installed). Also, a “vim-plugins” package is listed but somehow not installable.

Considering the sparse info before committing to installing by package, I’m hoping someone who has installed and configured their openSUSE vim with plugins can describe

  1. How they may or may not be managing their plugins, most particularly if they are using a plugins manager that recognizes and can manage plugins installed through openSUSE
  2. If there is a standard install location of the plugins

Otherwise, I will likely decline the plugins offered in the openSUSE repos and continue to try to setup either vundle or pathogen to download and configure plugins.