OpenSuse User Abstraction Layer.

Sorry for the rant that follows: It seems to me as though OpenSuse has a layer of abstraction from its users. I would hope that the goal is to have users and developers be a community and share ideas. I recently started using Linux (a few months ago) full-time and ran Ubuntu for a month and a half and now moved on to OpenSuse due to what seems like a driver issue. The OS itself is pretty solid and I’m not having the issues that existed on Ubuntu but I’m finding that its (KDE) generally very cluttered and hard to squeeze what I want from it. In evaluating KDE 4.1 I decided that I would ask a few questions and provide a little feedback and there is nowhere to do that. Or is there? If there is, we the users wouldn’t know about it. Bugzilla you say? I tried to find my way around there and it is very laborious and generally fruitless. Ubuntu at least has to let users have a sense of community. The OpenSuse website itself isn’t a whole lot better (besides everything it takes to get a user to download and install it). That said, I’m going to stick with OpenSuse for a while, but I can’t help but feel the great distance between users and developers (the ones actually steering the boat).

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